Yu-gi-Oh Necklaces: The Coolest Thing Now

When Kazuki Takahashi wrote and illustrated Yu-gi-Oh in 1996, he created an entirely new world of manga and anime. He has made millions of kids and anime lovers love the series and even wear the costumes to cosplay events. There are toys and cards, and now kids are hooked in the card game.

Fortunately, there are anime manga necklaces available. There are two pendants available for now: the Yugi Muto duel chain pendant, and the duel monsters key pendant.

It will be nice to wear the Yu-gi-Oh necklaces as you play the card game with your friends, or you watch a rerun of the anime series. These Yu-gi-Oh necklaces are bronze and silver plated, so you get antique-looking accessories that will match any outfit that you wear.

What’s even cooler is that these pendant necklaces are affordable. You can buy them for only $6.90 to $8.90. That’s a cheap price for a necklace of superior quality. Grab these accessories now before someone else gets them!

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Yu-Gi-Oh Pendant Anime Necklace Yugi Muto Chain Duel Monsters

32488829125 8.90$
  Product Name: Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Yugi Muto One Thousand Building Blocks Chain Necklace Duel Monster Vintage Triangle Pendant Necklace Wholesale Brand: Global Wholesale Web Store Gender:  Women, Men High: 3Cm, Wide: 2.5Cm Chain Long: 50cm Weight: 9g Shipping: Free Shipping

Anime Chain Yu Gi Oh Necklace Duel Monsters Key Pendant

32475795056 6.90$
  Product Name: New Product Anime Popular Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters Silver Plated Cross Key Pendant Necklace Classic Men Rope Leather Necklace Gift Brand: Global Wholesale Web Store Gender:  Women, Men High: 4.5Cm, Wide: 3Cm Chain Long: 50cm Weight: 7g Shipping: Free Shipping