Detective Conan Necklaces

Be the Next Detective Conan with These Accessories

Are you fond of solving crimes like Detective Conan? Do you apply his logical and deductive thinking when you study things? Truly, the anime and manga series Detective Conan has captivated millions of viewers and readers because of its charm. The protagonist is cute and smart, and the stories are even more awesome.

Now, you can feel as if you’re the boy detective with Detective Conan necklaces. Among the vast collection of anime manga necklaces, there are only two Detective Conan necklaces: the Jimmy Kudo bronze necklace pendant, and Kudou Sinichi chain pendants.

These two are really cheap as you can buy them for only $6.90 to $8.90. Even students can afford them. With the increasing fanbase for Detective Conan, you can expect more designs and styles to be created. Wearing them would make you feel more associated with the series, plus it’s a great addition to your costume if you are attending cosplay events.


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Anime Detective Conan Pendant Kudou Shinichi Chain Cosplay Necklace

32507472766 9.90$
  Product Name: Top Grade Cartoon Anime Detective Conan Kudou Shinichi Enamel Statement Necklace DIY Cosplay Silver Women Men Pendant Necklace Brand: Global Wholesale Web Store Gender:  Women, Men High: 4.5Cm, Wide: 4Cm Chain Long: 50cm Weight: 28g Shipping: Free Shipping

Anime Chain Detective Conan Necklaces Jimmy Kudo Pendants

32489926275 8.90$
  Product Name: Cartoon Anime Detective Conan Necklaces Case Closed Vintage Jimmy Kudo Pendants High Quality Boutique Men Rope Leather Necklace Brand: Global Wholesale Web Store Gender:  Women, Men High: 4Cm, Wide: 3.5Cm Chain Long: 50cm Weight: 17g Shipping: Free Shipping