Black Butler Necklaces for Sale!

Prove to your friends how much of an anime and manga fan you are with these anime manga necklaces. You have a lot to choose from: Yu-gi-Oh, Detective Conan, Sailormoon, and One Piece, among others. An addition to this super cool and awesome geeky collection are the Black Butler necklaces, which are affordable even for students.

What’s fantastic about Black Butler necklaces is that they really mimic the designs of the costumes and accessories in the anime and manga series. Since the anime consists of heavily-detailed costumes, it is not easy to find accessories that would look the same as the ones in the series.

At present, there are three pendant necklaces available: the Black Butler necklace luxury blue crystal pendant , the Black Butler necklace pendant, and the Sebastian Michaelis necklace devil crystal pendant that comes in two eye-catching colors — blue and red.

Fans will go gaga over these pendant necklaces. Get one now before another fan gets his hands on these lovely accessories!

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Anime Black Butler Chain Sebastian Michaelis Necklace Devil Crystal Pendant

32489546855 8.90$
  Product Name: Animation Cartoon Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis Devil Crystal Statement Necklace Retro Antique Bronze Long Pendant Necklace Brand: Global Wholesale Web Store Gender:  Women, Men High: 6Cm, Wide: 4Cm Chain Long: 50cm Weight: 17g Shipping: Free Shipping

Black Butler Pendant Anime Cosplay Necklace Manga Jewelry

32488962055 6.90$
  Product Name: Anime Cosplay Style Black Butler Party Mask Classic Leather Rope Necklace Simple Silver Plated Enamel Pendant Necklace Jewelry Brand: Global Wholesale Web Store Gender:  Women, Men High: 2Cm, Wide: 4Cm Chain Long: 50cm Weight: 7g Shipping: Free Shipping

Japanese Anime Chain Black Butler Necklace Luxury Blue Crystal Pendant

32489538694 6.90$
  Product Name: Japanese Anime Black Butler Luxury Silver Plated Blue Crystal Statement Necklace Top Grade Pendant Necklace Women Christmas Gift Brand: Global Wholesale Web Store Gender:  Women, Men High: 2.5Cm, Wide: 2Cm Chain Long: 50cm Weight: 12g Shipping: Free Shipping